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Hong jin instruments in the Chinese market has established a sound after-sales service system and workflow, you can always solve any problems encountered in the use of the company's products.We owns the most advanced production equipment and technology core, we also have one through the national quality inspection department professional after-sales service personnel training, get the market of professional sales and service team, we all the time to provide pre-sale and after-sale technical consulting, repair and maintenance of the equipment, and provide the latest application technology and so on various aspects of the service.The service methods include telephone instruction, mail exchange, door-to-door service, industry forum, professional instrument exhibition and so on to solve your problems in product, technology and application.

● Priority response speed
24-72 hours priority for emergency on-site technical support service
1-2 hours preferred remote telephone technical support service

● Optimum operation guarantee
Annual or semi-annual system health maintenance testing, calibration services to ensure the best equipment operating status throughout the entire product life cycle

● Professional authority
Professional engineers to provide a variety of personalized technical application consulting services

● Convenient at ease
A service commitment, enjoy equipment maintenance, maintenance of infinite peace of mind, worry, rest assured
◆ Priority response speed -- comprehensive technical support
 Best performance guarantee - annual system health maintenance, testing, calibration
 Senior professional services, authoritative consulting and training
 Effectively save equipment maintenance cost
 A service commitment, unlimited peace of mind, peace of mind, rest assured


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