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Operation procedure of cold and hot impact test chamber

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Operation procedure of cold and hot impact test chamber
Three slot hot and cold impact test box is suitable for electrical and electronic components, automation, communication components, auto parts, metal parts, chemical materials, plastic and other industries, the defense industry, aerospace, industrial, BGA, PCB base, electronic chip IC, semiconductor ceramics and physical shape change of polymer materials, test the material of high and low temperature to pull over and over again and products in chemical changes in the output of heat bilges cold shrink or physical damage, can confirm the quality of products, from precision IC to heavy mechanical components, there is no ideal testing tools do not need it.
It is necessary to master the correct experimental method in the process of using the cold and hot impact test box, which can avoid the trouble in operation.So how should the user operate the thermal shock chamber correctly?The following editor will introduce the experimental procedures of the cold and hot impact test box, hoping to help users better application of products.

Experimental procedure of cold and hot impact test chamber
1. Conduct impact calibration until the waveform generated by two consecutive impacts acting on the simulated load reaches or exceeds the prescribed test conditions in at least one axial direction and meets the test tolerance requirements specified in the technical documents.
2. The simulated load is installed on the impact test machine according to the technical state similar to the sample.If the equipment is installed in vibration, the interval vibrator should be ensured during the impact test.If the impulse test machine input waveform is input in waveform control, special attention should be paid to the state of calibration and subsequent data processing details.
3. Select accelerometers and analytical techniques that meet or exceed relevant technical requirements.Remove the simulated load and install the sample onto the impact test machine.
In the working state, shock excitation is applied to the sample:
4. If the impact response spectrum specified in the specification is adopted.If a classical impulse is used, the sample should be subjected to input pulses in both directions.If the waveform of the impulse response spectrum satisfies both the inter-pulse process tolerance and the impulse response spectrum tolerance, considering the influence of polarity, it shall be carried out twice on each orthogonal axis, with a total of 6 impact tests.If there is an out-of-tolerance or out-of-tolerance in the time course of the test impulse and the impulse response spectrum, the adjustment should be continued until both trials meet the tolerance.
5. Record the necessary data to check whether the test meets or exceeds the required test conditions and meet the requirements of technical documents.These data include photographs of the test equipment, test records, and actual impact waveforms obtained from the data acquisition system.Samples of internally-installed vibration isolation components shall be measured to ensure that they do not occur in adjacent parts.
Cold and hot shock test box safety protection device
1. Compressor overpressure:
2. Compressor overheating:
3. Compressor overcurrent:
4. Underpressure of circulating cooling water supply:
5. Test room temperature too high and too low protection equipment inside seals;
6. The temperature of the laboratory is too high, too low, and the door opening of the laboratory is protected;
7. General power phase sequence and phase-missing protection relay, leakage circuit breaker, sample power control terminal, external alarm output terminal;
8. In high/low greenhouse temperature overtemperature protection switch, high/low greenhouse temperature protection mounting controller;
9. Heat relay of circulating fan and temperature protection of motor;
10. Compressed air pressure switch and exhaust valve;

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