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Function introduction of cold and hot impact test chamber

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The cold and hot impact test chamber is divided into three parts: high temperature area, low temperature area and test area. The test sample is placed in the test area completely at rest.
The test part can be distributed by the test hole with load.
The cold and hot impact testing machine is controlled by the micro computer control system with large-size color LCD touch control dialog mode.
Fully enclosed imported compressor, plate type cold heat exchanger and binary type cryogenic system;
LAN communication interface, can connect computer remote control, easy to use;
The cold and hot impact tester can independently set the effects of three different environments: high temperature, low temperature and cold and hot impact. When performing the cold and hot impact, it can choose two or three slots, and have the functions of high and low temperature tester.
It can automatically pre-cooling, preheating and standby in the operation of the reserved starting time.

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