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Large window constant temperature and humidity test box
  • Large window constant temperature and humidity test box

Large window constant temperature and humidity test box

The constant temperature and humidity test box, also known as the high-low temperature alternating humidity test box, adopts the high-texture appearance, the body adopts the circular arc shape, the surface is treated with stainless steel or baking pai ...

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Special point of constant temperature and humidity test box in large window:
Large Windows constant temperature and humidity test chamber, also known as high and low temperature alternating humidity and heat test chamber, is mainly used to simulate the high temperature, low temperature, humidity and heat test conditions in the environment
Vertical fuselage (as narrow as 64cm at most) facilitates access to narrower passages and elevator corridors, saving floor space.
High quality appearance, arc shape of the body, the surface of the mist streaks treated stainless steel or baking paint, and the use of planar non-reaction handle, easy to operate, safe and reliable.
Performance of large window constant temperature and humidity test chamber:
Super large rectangular multi-layer glass window can be used for observation of test products in the test. The window is equipped with anti-perspiration electroriper device to prevent condensation of water droplets and high-brightness PL fluorescent lamp to keep illumination in the box.The test hole can be connected to the test power line or signal line and the upper and lower adjustable housing board.The double insulation air tightness of the door can effectively prevent internal temperature leakage.The utility model has an external water supply system, which is convenient for replenishing the water supply in the humidifier and can be recycled automatically.
Compressor circulation system adopts the French "taikang" brand, which can effectively remove the lubricating oil between condensate tube and capillary tube, and adopts the United States lianxing environmental protection refrigerant (R404) in the whole series.
Controller is a Korean TIME/ p950/7 inch LCD touch screen that displays both measured and set values.Time, support U disk export data record, run curve export.
Selling points of the large window constant temperature and humidity test box:
Supports Ethernet remote operations.
Controller multipart program editing and temperature and humidity can be used for QUICK or SLOP control.
Movable pulley is easy to move and place and is fixed with strong positioning screw.

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