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Three-box high and low temperature impact test chamber
  • Three-box high and low temperature impact test chamber

Three-box high and low temperature impact test chamber

Three high and low temperature impact test chamber box box type high and low temperature impact test chamber is material such as metal plastic rubber electronics industry the necessary test equipment used for testing or composite material structur ...

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Three high and low temperature impact test chamber box box type high and low temperature impact test chamber is material such as metal, plastic, rubber, electronics industry the necessary test equipment, used for testing or composite material structure, in an instant by the extremely high temperature and low temperature under continuous environment to endure, to test samples in the shortest possible time for heat bilges cold shrink caused by chemical or physical damage.The test methods met by the cold and hot impact test chamber: GB/T2423.1.2, GB/ t10592-2008, GJB150.3 high-low temperature impact test.
Three boxes of high-low temperature impact test boxes are divided into three boxes and two boxes according to test requirements and test standards. The difference lies in the different test methods and internal structures.Three boxes are divided into storage room, heat storage room and laboratory. The product is placed in the laboratory during testing.The two boxes can be divided into high and low greenhouse, which can switch high and low temperature by motor driving the basket movement. The product is placed in the basket and moves together with the basket.
High and low temperature impact test chamber
1. Low temperature test method GB/ t2423.1-2001;
2, GB/T2423.2-2001;
3. GB/ t2423.22-1989 temperature change test N;
4. National army standard gjb150.3-86;
5. National army standard gjb150.4-86;
6. National military standard gjb150.5-86;
7. Gjb150.5-86 temperature impact test;
8. Gjb360.7-87 temperature impact test;
9. Gjb367.2-87 405 temperature impact test;
10. SJ/ t10187-91y73 series temperature change test box -- one box type;
11. SJ/ t10186-91y73 series temperature change test box -- two boxes;
12. Meet the standard iec68-2-14_ test method N_ temperature change;
10. GB/T 2424.13-2002 test method
11. Temperature change of GB/T 2423.22-2002;
12. General rules for the weather resistance test of automobile parts;
13. EIA 364-32 environmental impact assessment of electrical connectors and sockets for thermal shock (temperature cycle) testing procedures.
Refrigeration system and compressor
In order to guarantee the cooling rate and the minimum temperature of the test box, the test box adopts a binary compound water cooling system composed of a semi-closed compressor imported from Germany (the circulating cooling water tower with 10 tons of cooling water per hour should be installed outdoors, provided by the user).The cascade refrigeration system consists of a high temperature heating cycle and a low temperature refrigeration cycle. The connected container is the evaporative condenser, which is also used for energy transfer. The heat energy in the work room is transferred through the two-stage refrigeration system to achieve the purpose of cooling.The design and application of energy regulation technology in the refrigeration system, an effective treatment method can not only guarantee the normal operation of the refrigeration unit but also effectively regulate the energy consumption and refrigerating capacity of the refrigeration system, so that the operating cost and failure rate of the refrigeration system can be reduced to a relatively economical state.
Working principle of refrigeration
Reverse carole cycle is used in both high and low refrigeration cycles, which is composed of two isothermal processes and two adiabatic processes.The process is as follows: the refrigerant is adiabatically compressed to a higher pressure by the compressor, and the exhaust temperature is increased by the energy consumed. After that, the refrigerant is heated by the condenser isothermal and the surrounding medium to transfer the heat to the surrounding medium.After the refrigerant through the valve adiabatic expansion of work, at this time the refrigerant temperature reduced.At last, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the object with higher temperature through the evaporator.This cycle is repeated to achieve the goal of cooling.
Accessory function editor
Impact at different temperature sections: cut off the multi-stage evaporator structure, control the evaporation area to match with the refrigerating expansion valve, and use the refrigerating system output to reasonably reduce the output of the heater to achieve constant energy saving;There is also a separate valve for ventilation, which ACTS to draw ambient air into the exhaust (normal temperature recovery).
The air inlet sucks in air outside when ambient temperature is exposed.
The exhaust port has the function of discharging hot gas from the machine room and test area.
Preset the start time of the test. The test box will start automatically and be ready to start the test.
Exposure time shortens function.
The downwind temperature in the test area reaches the exposure temperature and then switches to the next exposure function.
Pre-processing/post-processing functions.
The specimen is exposed to high temperature (heat treatment) for a period of time before or after the cycle test.
Dry running function.
Running time under test knot.
The three-box high and low temperature impact test chamber is edited according to the standard
GB/ t2423.1-2008 test A low temperature test method
GB/ t2423.2-2008 test B high temperature test method
Technical conditions of GB- t10592-2008 high and low temperature case
Gjb150.3-1986 environmental test method for military equipment: high temperature test
Requirement of 107 temperature impact test for gjb360a-96 method
1. The product has beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, advanced technology and exquisite material selection, with simple and convenient operation performance and reliable equipment performance.The equipment is divided into three parts: high temperature box, low temperature box and test box. It adopts the unique thermal break structure and the effect of heat storage and cold storage. The object under test is completely still.
2. The most advanced measuring device is adopted, and the controller adopts large-size color LCD touch-screen dialog LCD man-machine interface controller, which is simple to operate, easy to learn, stable and reliable, and shows the complete system operation status, execution and set program curve in English and Chinese.With 96 test specifications independently set, the impact time is 999 hours and 59 minutes, and the cycle time is 1-999 times can be set, which can realize the automatic operation of the refrigerator and the maximum degree of automation, reduce the workload of operators, and can automatically start and stop working at any time.
3. There is a 50mm diameter test hole on the left side of the box, which can be used for testing components with power load distribution.The functions of high temperature, low temperature and cold heat shock can be set independently, and the functions of two or three slots and cold and heat shock can be selected to perform the cold and heat shock, which has the function of high and low temperature tester.
4. Fully automatic, high-precision system loop and any movement of any machine part, with P.L.C locking processing, all of which adopt P.I.D automatic calculus control and high temperature control accuracy.The complete safety protection device avoids any possible safety hazard and ensures the long-term reliability of the equipment
5. The cycle times and defrost times can be set automatically (manually) for defrost removal. The air outlet is detected and controlled by the air return taste indicator, the switch time of the damper mechanism is within 10 seconds, and the recovery time of the cold and hot impact temperature of bell brand is within 5 minutes.Display status and curve during operation. In case of abnormal situation, the screen will immediately automatically display fault point and cause and provide a method for troubleshooting. In case of unstable input power, it has emergency stop device.
6. Refrigeration system using complex overlapping efficient cryogenic loop system design, refrigerating set by Europe and the United States imported compressor, and the use of ozone coefficient is zero (HFC) of green environmental protection refrigerants, R507 R23. Super safety protection function: over current protection, leakage protection, control circuit overload, short circuit protection, compressor protection, earthing protection, overtemperature protection, alarm, voice prompt, and so on.
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