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Suction type electromagnetic vibration testing mac
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Power frequency shaker
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  • Power frequency shaker
  • Power frequency shaker
  • Power frequency shaker
  • Power frequency shaker
  • Power frequency shaker

Electromagnetic vibration table is widely used in defense, aviation, communications, electronics, automobiles, home appliances, and other industries. This type of equipment is used to find early faults, simulate actual working conditions and structural strength tests. Sine wave, FM, time control


1. Adopt the most advanced and simple operation technology, fixed frequency working mode

2. With time timing and countdown display function

3. Control parameters are displayed synchronously in real time without manual intervention.

4. The base of the machine adopts anti-vibration device, which is easy to install and runs smoothly, without the need to install anchor screws

5. Embedded amplitude prediction program and easy amplitude modulation

7. Four-point synchronous excitation, the table vibrates evenly

8. Stepless adjustment of amplitude, fixed frequency and frequency sweep operation functions to adapt to various test requirements of different industries

9. Increase the anti-interference circuit to solve the interference of the control circuit due to the strong electromagnetic field

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