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Fatigue testing machine
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Hydraulic fatigue test series
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  • Hydraulic fatigue test series

Hydraulic fatigue testing machine is a kind of fatigue testing equipment that converts the energy of high-pressure liquid into the reciprocating motion of the actuator (actuator) through the energy conversion and amplification device of the electro-hydraulic servo valve. Static and dynamic loading fatigue tests of electromechanical-like components. The hydraulic fatigue test system integrates our company's servo hydraulic technology achievements, multi-functional HFC controller with full independent intellectual property rights, mature and reliable application software and appropriate accessories, which can provide high-precision and high-repeatability for all materials and components. , Static testing solutions. According to the position of the actuator, it is divided into two types: lower (HFS-D) and upper (HFS-U), which can provide high accuracy and repeatability for various materials (including metal materials and non-metallic materials) and parts. High dynamic test, can fully meet all static and dynamic test needs.

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