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What is the maximum acceleration of the shaker
date:2022-03-18 popularity:81 Collection

From the manufacturer's point of view, the random thrust is the same as the sinusoidal thrust, so it can be considered that the maximum random acceleration in the airspace of the electric station is the same as the maximum acceleration in the sinusoidal state. If you look at the manual carefully, it is introduced that there are conditions to achieve the maximum random thrust. The random thrust is defined as M*Grms, the random thrust marked by the general shaking table = (0.8~1.0) sinusoidal thrust, calculated by 3 times, the random maximum thrust = (2.4~3.0) sinusoidal thrust. The random thrust is tested under certain test conditions, that is, in the high-frequency range. If the low-frequency test is performed, a greater discount should be given. According to JJG 948-1999, the test conditions in my country are: 20~100Hz 6dB/Oct 100~2000 flat spectrum

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