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Pneumatic horizontal shock response spectrum testing machine
date:2022-05-30 popularity:58 Collection

  • Pneumatic horizontal shock response spectrum testing machine

Compressed gas energy storage is used to provide impact energy, and the impact hammer is pushed to impact the resonance plate to generate high-energy impact. Compared with the traditional pendulum impact response spectrum testing machine, the instrument has the advantages of high energy, stable performance, high reliability, good repeatability, convenient adjustment, safety and environmental protection. Mainly used in aerospace, aviation and shipbuilding industries.


1. The system adopts air pressure energy storage drive to drive the impact hammer, with large driving force, fast response speed and reliable structure;

2. The driving impact energy is adjusted by adjusting the air pressure, which is easy to operate and has high efficiency;

3. The special base for response spectrum can improve the installation position of the response plate, which is convenient for users to install the specimen and adjust the gasket. In addition, the rigidity of the installation position of the response plate is greatly improved, so that it can be better fixed on the foundation and bear a larger impact load;

4. A two-level safety switch is designed to fully guarantee the safety of operators;

5. The operating software has the functions of shock response spectrum testing machine control, shock data collection and response spectrum analysis.

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