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Pneumatic vertical shock response spectrum testing machine
date:2022-05-30 popularity:47 Collection

  • Pneumatic vertical shock response spectrum testing machine

The Pneumatic Vertical Shock Response Spectrum Tester is used to measure and determine the shock resistance of electrical and electronic products or packaging, and to evaluate the reliability and structural integrity of tested products in shock environments. The shock response spectrum is the aggregate result of a series of single-degree-of-freedom linear systems with different natural frequencies that respond to the same shock excitation. When a product is impacted, the maximum value of its impact response indicates that the product has the greatest stress. Therefore, the shock response spectrum tester can better simulate the shock wave and shock energy experienced in the real environment.


1.1200mm table size, can bear 1000kg load

2. Stable control system based on windows, fully automatic control interface

3. The control and measurement system has built-in shock response spectrum specification and shock response spectrum tolerance, which is convenient for users to adjust and apply. It automatically completes tests and generates reports

4. Adjust the driving impact energy by adjusting the air pressure, easy to operate and high efficiency

5. The equipment occupies a small area and is easy to install

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