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Centrifugal constant acceleration testing machine
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Constant acceleration testing machine (box type)
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  • Constant acceleration testing machine (box type)

Centrifugal constant acceleration testing machine (box type) is used to evaluate whether the structural adaptability and performance of components, equipment and other electrical and electronic products are good under constant acceleration environment (except gravity), and obtain the electrical parameters of the test samples.


1. Advanced control system: fully automatic computer remote real-time control interface, the operator only needs to input a simple value to start the equipment and accurately complete the acceleration test;

2. Humanized display interface: The control interface can display the test curve, tolerance and test time in real time;

3. Powerful multi-acceleration continuous test system: It can realize multi-stage acceleration continuous test according to the different requirements of the test product;

4. Reliable protection measures: open-circuit, over-limit and over-speed protection can be realized;

5. Multiple control methods: In the case of no automatic control or automatic control failure, the equipment can still use manual control to complete the test;

6. Convenient and quick result output system: After the test is over, the test report is automatically generated and printed out.

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