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Tilt-swing test stand
date:2022-05-30 popularity:100 Collection

  • Tilt-swing test stand

The tilt-swing test bench can simulate various types of mechanical, electrical and electronic products installed on ships, seaplanes and other equipment to perform tilt and tilt tests to determine the product's ability to withstand severe levels of rocking and tilting and structural integrity. The tilt test is mainly suitable for large-angle tilt caused by ship damage, maneuvering, unbalanced loading and unloading, and wind. The rocking test is mainly suitable for products that must maintain normal or reliable operation during the long-term rocking process of the ship under the action of external forces such as wind and waves, as well as products that will have a significant impact on their performance in the rocking environment.


1. Based on Windows stable control system and automatic remote control interface, the operator only needs to input simple values to complete the tilt-swing test accurately;

2. The operation interface is mainly based on the real-time display window of the data curve, and simultaneously displays the test parameters, system status and test progress;

3. It can realize the functions of sinusoidal signal, self-closed loop adjustment, various function control and alarm prompt;

4. The roll, pitch, yaw and tilt test functions are completed on the same body

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