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Three comprehensive vibration test system
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Vertical and horizontal three comprehensive test system
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  • Vertical and horizontal three comprehensive test system


1. In order to ensure the strength, the test box adopts the overall frame welding to ensure that the box body is not deformed

2. Shakers of different specifications and models can be selected, and different seals are provided according to the connection head and connection method of the vibration table.

3. To ensure that the test box and the shaking table are completely sealed during the three-integrated work, and the shaking table has good mechanical transmission characteristics;

4. The bottom of the test box is equipped with slide rails, which can be separated from the vibration table. When the test is required, the vibration table and the test box can be tested separately

5. Has a wide temperature and humidity control range

6. The balanced temperature and humidity adjustment method is adopted, which is a high-precision, stable temperature and humidity controller.

7. Using Japan or South Korea original high-precision programmable temperature and humidity controller, 7-inch true color touch screen operation, equipped with a 10m/100m Ethernet interface, and random operating software.

8. The imported refrigeration compressor is adopted, and the refrigeration adopts a new cold end output control. Compared with the traditional cold and heat balance, it greatly saves energy consumption and reduces the customer's use cost;

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