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Hydraulic vibration testing machine
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Hydraulic shaker
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  • Hydraulic shaker

The vibration table is indispensable in the mechanical environment test and plays a very important role. It provides a vibration environment simulation test platform for modern product design, verification and production. It can accurately reproduce the impact of real vibration excitation on product reliability, and is widely used in earthquake simulation, aerospace, electronics, automobiles, packaging and transportation, university scientific research and other industries. By simulating the mechanical environment (including: high temperature environment, low temperature environment, moist heat environment, temperature change environment, vibration environment, impact environment, transportation environment, dust environment, three comprehensive environments, etc.) when industrial robots work, the aging theory is strengthened to verify and improve The adaptability of intelligent equipment in different environments ensures the stability and reliability of the long-term performance of industrial robots, and improves the reliability and life of industrial robots.


Large thrust: from a few tons to hundreds of tons, to meet the needs of different tests;

Low frequency: the frequency can reach 0.1Hz-400Hz;

Large displacement: displacement can reach ±200mm;

Multiple degrees of freedom: from vertical or horizontal single-degree-of-freedom tests to three-axis six-degree-of-freedom tests;

Using German technology, the system has high reliability.

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