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Road simulation test bench
date:2022-03-11 popularity:21 Collection

  • road simulation test bench

Road simulation test can be widely used in the performance test of auto parts, such as seat, suspension, brake, instrument and occupant test. Road simulation test system The system is mainly composed of electro-hydraulic servo coordinated loading control system, electro-hydraulic servo actuator, hydraulic oil source, hydraulic oil separator and pipeline, vibration excitation table body and foundation.


1. The control system includes PC, servo controller, servo valve drive module, feedback regulator, etc.

2. The PC provides system management and control under the support of TEST software. The loading device is composed of hydraulic servo valve, servo actuator, displacement sensor, force sensor and acceleration sensor.

3. Displacement sensor, acceleration sensor and force sensor are installed on the servo actuator to realize closed-loop control.

4. The hydraulic oil source provides power for the testing machine, and the oil separator and pipeline distribute the flow for each channel.

Product parameters:

1. The test equipment can provide a loading force of 0-50KN, and can realize PID closed-loop control of the loading force;

2. The adjustable range of uniaxial vibration frequency is 0.01~50Hz, which can be set by yourself on the computer;

3. It can carry out four-axis linkage control or independent control, including target zero control and positioning; the maximum displacement of single action is 100mm, and the control accuracy is 0.001mm;

4. The effective controllable acceleration range of a single actuator is 0~20g, and the spectrum and acceleration can be set and controlled; the maximum load is 3.5T;

5. The adjustable range of the front wheelbase is 1100~1800mm (manually adjusted); the adjustable range of the rear wheelbase is 1100~1800mm (manually adjusted); the adjustable range of the wheelbase is 1500~3600mm (manually adjusted); the installation method is platform base surface installation (fixed);





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