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Acceleration impact testing machine
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Hydraulic acceleration impact testing machine
date:2022-03-12 popularity:65 Collection

  • Hydraulic acceleration impact testing machine

This instrument is used to measure and determine the impact resistance of products or packages. It can perform conventional half-sine wave, trapezoidal wave, post-peak sawtooth wave and other waveform impact tests, so as to realize the shock waves and shocks that products suffer in the actual environment. energy, so as to systematically improve or optimize the product packaging structure.


1. Multi-purpose machine, can complete half sine wave (basic waveform), rear peak sawtooth wave (optional), trapezoidal wave (optional)

2. Fully automatic remote control, only need to input simple values, automatically complete the test and can store, print and edit

3. Equipped with anti-secondary shock braking, full digital control system, can display real-time shock waveform

4. Equipped with a high acceleration generating device, the impact peak acceleration can reach 5000-50000m/s², and the acceleration duration is 0.2-1ms (optional)

5. Ideal structural design, the impact will not affect the floor structure, the impact table has no resonance, and the impact data is accurate

6. Monitor the test, and the system provides a full waveform monitoring method

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