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Acceleration shock collision table
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Mechanical shock crash table
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  • Mechanical shock crash table

This machine is used to detect the impact damage ability of the product during transportation or use, so as to evaluate the impact resistance of the product structure, and through the test data, optimize the product structure strength, improve product quality, widely used in aerospace, automobile , machinery parts and other industries.


1. The system has high reliability and complete protection functions.

2. Complete both impact and collision tests.

3. Shock waveforms such as rear peak sawtooth wave and trapezoidal wave can be expanded.

4. Crash test acceleration closed-loop control, high control accuracy.

5. The rigidity of the working platform is high, and the peak acceleration uniformity of the platform is good.

6. By adjusting the drop height of the table (collision test) or changing the compression of the compression spring (impact test), the acceleration value of the shock pulse can be changed.

7. When the countertop impact body rises to a certain height, it falls and hits the buffer pad, producing a semi-positive dazzling impact pulse

8. Adjust the thickness and material of the cushion to change the duration of the pulse

9. The DC motor drives the deceleration hoist, and uses the rolling bracket to push the impact body and the table to move upwards

10. Change the speed of the DC motor to change the repetition frequency of the pulse.

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